Customer Testimonials

A review from our BBB profile site: Dennis from Viper Trailer World was awesome! He patiently helped me find the right spare tires that I needed to buy with top notch customer service. I'd recommend this place to anyone looking for trailers of trailer accessories.

Zac A. - 8/6/2016

Great service, great product, great price! I looked for months at every trailer dealer and used ones. Couldn't find a better deal than a new Arising from Viper.

Drew Felt - 4/6/2015

Easy to work with.Good atmosphere and I would recommend to everyone.

Matt Miller - 8/13/2015

Great price, pulled with pride all the way home good service.

Jeff Baldwin - 3/11/2017

Best experience buying our first real trailer at viper. Thanks Dennis! We'll send everyone we know, even all the way from Warrenton.

Nathan Campbell - 8/6/2016

Wow, killer trailers!

Steve Urban - 7/18/2014

Great selection, owner is very knowledgeable, great pricing! Came all the way from Warren county.

Samantha and Nathan Campbell - 8/6/2016

Great price and selection. We refer everyone we know to Dennis. Would buy again without hesitation!

Chrissy Vogt - 4/19/2017